Language learning with machine instructor


"Clear, logical and concise. First of all, this program is user-friendly, especially for the beginner level. It is very encouraging for the beginner to learn step by step, and is effective and inspiring. Learning Norwegian language from a machine (Max) in the program was beyond my expectations and a super positive experience. I feel my Norwegian has improved greatly after using it." 

- Yang Yin, former associate professor of Chinese. Department of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen (2021).

"As I started attending a Norwegian course parallel to this program, I could see the differences clearly. Honestly, I learnt more and better with your program. I also liked how the robot was communicating with me. The words from the robot were chosen smartly and didn`t feel like a "robot".

Your program is structured and you can't finish it without learning. I love how packed and useful your course is. So far, I have searched for many different ways for self-study learning Norwegian. I would say yours is the best I found."

- Test user (2021)

"The program has a clear lay-out throughout the modules, and the step-by-step process was very instructive as to what was being taught/learnt. Grammar explanations and exercises were very clear and practical."

- Test user (2020)

Why do we do what we do?

Learning is a process, and we don`t see why it shouldn`t be a fun process. After all, research tells us that "fun learning" is "better learning". In the development of this language learning software, individual differences have been taken into account: Not everyone learns the same way. Some learn better early in the morning, while others perform better during the evening. 

Other individual differences include how fast one learns, how many example sentences are necessary to learn grammar, and last but not least in which environment one is most comfortable. 

Since Max is a machine, the user is given the freedom to make these choices.