Norwegian language courses

In addition to developing Norwegian language learning software, Singularity Linguistics is now additionally a proud provider of online Norwegian language courses (in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language) for the levels A1, A2, B1 and B2.

Teaching method

From the first class I taught, I decided to provide the Norwegian language to students in the form of basic "building blocks". This has been my own approach to learning foreign languages (Russian and Mandarin), and has proven successful for students in becoming independent Norwegian speakers, instead of memorizing phrases. 

Having an educational background in both linguistics and chemistry, I have worked towards showing my students these building blocks, and the structural beauty I myself see in language. 

My classes build on the learning theory called "constructivism"                (John Dewey - learning by doing), where games and experimentation are central for the learning outcome. 

Shortly summarized, my classes consist of two key components: Understanding the lesson and having fun. 


After the course completion, a certificate is awarded. 

One is then encouraged to take the A1/A2/B1 Norwegian language proficiency test "Norskprøven", organized by Kompetanse Norge. 

Feedback from former students

"David has an amazing future as a language instructor."

"David is among the most amazing teachers I`ve ever had."