Norwegian language courses

05.04.23-         Norwegian upper intermediate, level B2 part 1 (12 lessons).  03.07.23          Online (Zoom).

03.01.23-          Norwegian lower intermediate, level B1 part 2 (14 lessons).  01.03.23           Online (Zoom).

22.08.22-          Norwegian lower intermediate, level B1 part 1 (14 lessons). 19.10.22           Online (Zoom). 

06.04.22-          Norwegian for beginners, level A2 (14 lessons).                      22.06.22           Aerial, Bergen (classroom).
12.01.22-          Norwegian for beginners, level A1 (14 lessons).                          30.03.22           Aerial, Bergen (classroom).

 Events and courses including Max

06.04.22-     Selected material and exercises applied as part of classroom activities 22.06.22      during level A2 Norwegian. Aerial, Bergen.

26.01.22        Introduction, demo and implementation for students on 
                      Singularity Linguistics`  level A1 Norwegian course                                                                (12.01.22 - 06.04.22). Aerial, Bergen.

25.08.21        Introduction meeting for language course instructors (Norwegian,                                    English and Spanish). Presentation and demo. Robin Hood-huset,                                      Bergen. 

16.02.21          CET201 - Sustainable Innovation (seminar), The University of Bergen.

06.03.20       ENTREPRENEURSHIP101 - Creating your own workplace. 

                      UiB Alumni / UiB Innovation Hub, Bergen Media City.