About Max

A simple approach to learning the Norwegian language

If you could have your own language teacher, who would teach you the language anywhere in the world at any time for a low cost, would you want one?

"Max" is a machine, but not the kind that becomes self-aware and tries to take over the world. He only has one mission: To teach you the Norwegian language in a fun way, using clear and concise instructions, allowing you to make your own sentences from day 1.

How does it work?

"Max" runs on your computer, and does not require an Internet connection. You are free to use it whenever you like, and your personal machine instructor will always welcome you to a new session.

Throughout the program, the focus lies on becoming an independent Norwegian speaker. This is achieved by making one`s own sentences instead of memorizing phrases.  

Test phase

Having completed the first test phase of Max, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from users, a new version awaits further testing.    

Users are welcome to test the software for free

Please contact us for testing.

Developed by an experienced language teacher

The program is developed by David Petter Haavik - an experienced Norwegian language instructor, having taught at Folkeuniversitetet Vestlandet and Lingu, for a total of 7 years (levels A1-C1).

We appreciate your feedback

Evaluation from users is highly valued.


David Petter Haavik

Developer and founder